Hilary Seminar Series

During weeks 2-6 of Hilary term (January 26th-Febrary 13th) the Oxford Extremism Research Network will hold its first seminar series.

The seminar series aims to promote a multi-disciplinary analysis of extremism. The seminar series will be comprised of six lectures by members of the OxERN network. It is the goal of the seminar to address fundamental issue relating to the study of extremism. These include:

  • What do we mean by the term ‘extremism’?
  • What threats, challenges, or opportunities does extremism pose for society?
  • Is extremism a growing issue?
  • How is ‘extremism’ understood and represented in society (and by the media)?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities in researching extremism?

Guests, students and faculty members at the University of Oxford are all welcome to attend the seminar series. Lectures will take place at the Oxford Internet Institute, 1 St. Giles’, between 2pm and 3pm. The seminar series will include the following lectures:


Tuesday 26th January (Week 2): “A new approach to defining extremism”, Bertram Vidgen

Tuesday 2nd February (Week 3): “Branding extremism: Israel & Palestinian Terror”, Ilan Manor

Tuesday 9th February (Week 4): “Lessons from the Third Reich”, Porey Lin

Tuesday 16th February (Week 5): “Popular Extremism? Lessons from the Iraqi Insurgency” Josef Kosc

Tuesday 23rd February (Week 6′): “When do the British public condone police violence against Asian Muslims? An experimental comparison of the public response to the 2015 Paris and Kenya attacks”, Rob Blakey and Jenna Milani


To learn more about the seminar series, visit OxERN’s blog which will include posts based on lectures given during Hillary term.