Welcome to OxERN!

OxERN (Oxford Extremism Research Network) is a new Research Network at the University of Oxford. Its primary aim is to enable collaboration between early career researchers working across different dimensions of extremism –temporal, political, geographical, or disciplinary.

Global in outlook, the Network will foster cross-disciplinary research at Oxford as well as building links with relevant research centres at other institutions. A seminar series on Extremism, run by and for early career researchers, will be held during Hilary term, and a roundtable event will be held in Trinity. We also seek to disseminate relevant academic findings and data through a specially created web portal.

Launched in 2015, OxERN aims to promote a multi-disciplinary analysis of extremism. The network is comprised of academics form diverse fields such as diplomacy studies, mass media, internet studies and criminology which may all contribute to the analysis and understanding of extremism.

OxERN is always looking to expand it horizons be it through attracting new members or collaborating with researchers and institutions. To contact OxERN email Ilan Manor (manor.ilan@gmail.com). To join our mailing list click here.

OxERN is an ESRC funded research project.